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 Vice Governor Fu Ziying Surveyed Trade Work in Nanjing  2014-07-11
 Meeting with Belarusian Delegation  2014-07-11
 Meeting with representative of Canadian Trace Office  2014-07-11
 China bank loans 400 mln dollars for LNG carrier project  2014-07-10
 Foreign Trade Development Department Signed Cooperation Agreement with Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KOTRA)  2014-07-10
 Foreign Trade Development Department Director General Sun Chenghai Attends Opening Ceremony of the First China-Russia Expo  2014-07-10
 Fifth Round of Negotiations of RCEP Held in Singapore  2014-07-10
 AETATS and Taiwan Trade Center Holds the Sixth High-level Meeting  2014-07-10
 Chinese President Xi meets Australian former prime minister Howard  2014-07-10
 Scotland-Jiangsu Match-Making Event was held in Nanjing  2014-07-10
 China's printing market becomes world's second largest  2014-07-08
 Bank of Communications designated as clearing bank for won-yuan trading in S.Korea  2014-07-08
 Trade benefits Chinese, South Korean consumers  2014-07-08
 Chinese banks given RMB exchange freedom  2014-07-08
 China to accelerate agricultural modernization  2014-07-08
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