CJI’s Implementation Level of Overseas Large Projects Raises Prominently




Over the past year of 2013, CJI (vice-chair member of Jiangsu Chamber of International Commerce) prominently raised its implementation level of large projects by actively restructuring its operation strategy, orientating its business  on developing new markets, optimizing its professional structure & market layout, quickening its shift pace from ordinary house  projects to infra-structure & professional engineering projects, and accordingly achieved a rather satisfied result in the markets of Botswana, Mauritius, Iraq, Zambia, the Sudan and other countries, the details of which are reflected in the following aspects:


    1.    Construction of key projects proceeds smoothly. The Ollombo International Airport of the Republic of Congo witnessed the successful trial flight shortly before Chairman Xi Jinping visiting the Republic; the project of Gaborone Sewerage Reticulation in Botswana was smoothly completed, while the project of Victoria Falls Airport of Zimbabwe, the Pointe-Noire International Airport of Congo (Brazzaville) and the project of Megach Farming Irrigation of Ethiopia are all proceeding steadily step by step.


    2.    The potentialities of CJI’s traditional markets are further tapped. In Congo (Brazzaville), CJI undertook the project of a eighth Presidential Palace; in Iraq, CJI was awarded in succession the projects of training centre and office building (Phase 2) in camps area of Halfaya Oilfield; in Namibia, CJI undertook the projects of Ocean Seascape Block and a new office building of the State Road Funds Commission; while  in Botswana, CJI won the project of the main pump station and the pipeline engineering in Phakalane with a contract value of about 10 million US dollars.


    3.    Initial effects were achieved in developing target markets. In Mozambique, with its successful completion of 3 previous water-supply pipeline projects, CJI won some new tenders including water-treatment plant, hotel apartments and the project of Vale; while in Algeria, Benin and the Middle East, positive results were also achieved in market development for the initial stage.

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