Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. Applicable Scope
This packaging machine is fully automatic vacuum packaging machine and is applicable for vacuum, gas-filling and skin packaging of the foods, meat products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pickles, cooled meat, medicine products, metal elements, and medical apparatuses.
2. Control System
This packaging machine has Mitsubishi PLC, color touch screen and Mitsubishi servo motor or Mitsubishi frequency control of motor speed, and all its electrical parts are imported from Japan, Europe and Taiwan. It also has perfect safety protection devices.
3. Main Functions
(1)Photoelectric follow-up: Color cover film or optical film can be used as package, which can reduce the cost and upgrade the products;
(2)With modular moulds, the moulds can be replaced easily and can be used on several machinery. The moulds have cooling system.
(3)According to user"s requirements for product packaging, we can fill nitrogen or other protective gases into the package after vacuumizing.
(4)According to user"s requirements for product packaging, the machine can be provided with automatic code printing system.
(5)The vacuum pump has two options--- domestic and imported vacuum pumps, with high vacuum degree, steady quality and good durability.
(6)With imported clamping chains, this machine is applicable for stretch shaping and special packaging of soft films, hard films and semi-hard films of different thickness.
(7)With advanced transverse and longitudinal cutting system, the replacement and operation is easy and simple.
(8)Fitted with scrap recycling system, a good environment and health can be maintained.


Up foil width = 290mm
Down foil width = 320mm
Lowest absolute pressure≤200Pa
Air pressure≥0. 6mpa
Power=380v/50hz 10kw
Outside size=5360*950*1860
Plc controler =MITSUBISHI FXIN-24MT
Touchable screen=MITSUBISHI 5. 2 inch GT 1155
Service electric motor=Busch 063

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