Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater

This system is composed of heat pipe solar collector, working station (including circulation pump, controller, sensors. Expansion vessel and etc) and pressurized water tank.

Technical Info:
Inner tank: PE-X / stainless steel
Outer tank: Galvanized steel-alloy
Bracket: Complete aluminum-alloy
Thickness: Inner tank: 2mm Outer tank: 0.4mm Bracket: 1.6mm
Heat pipe vacuum tube:
Tri-elements of rose copper, stainless steel and aluminum nitride planting
Straight copper heat pipe with anti-freeze liquid inside will not allow the tube to brake in low temperature
Heat absorption rate: More than 93%
Diameter: 47mm or 58mm
Length: 1, 500 or 1, 800mm
Temperature insulation: Rockwool
Thickness: 50mm
Temperature conservation: Maximum 72 hours
Optional 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 Liters
Copper coil in water tank for heat transferring as twice heat exchange
Warranty: 3 years for whole system
Standards: EN12975, ISO9001: 2000, CE

Working principle:
1) When the temperature of the heat collector reaches the set value, the controller shall start the circulation pump automatically
2) The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically
3) The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by heat exchanger in the water tank
4) In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach Tmax, then start the auxiliary heating device
5) In case the temperature of the circulation pump does not reach the set value, the circulation pump shall be shut automatically

1) Collector separates with the storage tank. The tank can be put anywhere of the house
2) And the collector can be put on the inclined roof or flat place
3) Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly
4) Intelligent control and automatic operation
5) Anti-freeze: No water inside the tubes when it works
6) The system controller has the anti-freezing function is that the temperature circulation will operate while it reaches the fixed temperature
7)Workable at anytime and enjoyableMultifunction
8): Bathing, washing, domestic heating

Outer packing: Carton box

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