Pressure Solar Water Heater

Pressure Solar Water Heater (JNCY-300-30)

1. Collectors are separated from the storage tank. The tank can be put anyroom of the house, so the whole system is harmonious with the building.

2. And the collector can be put on both tilted roof and flat roof

3. Module design, arbitrary combination

4. Intelligent control and automatic operation

5. Anti-freeze: There is no water inside the tubes when it works

6. The system controller has the anti-freezing function, that is, the temperature circulation will operate while it reaches the fixed temperature

7. Multifunction: Bathing, washing, domestic heating

8. Workable at anytime

Working principle:

1. When the discrepant temperature of the solar collector and water tank reaches

The set value, the controller shall start the circulation pump automatically

2. The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically

3. The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by heat exchanger in the water tank

4. In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach Tmax, then start the auxiliary heating device

5. If discrepant temperature of the collector and the water tank does not reach the

Set value, the circulation pump shall be shut automatically

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