S.Korea's import price rises in May on higher oil price




South Korea's import price rose last month on higher global price for crude oil, central bank data showed Friday.


The import price index advanced 4.2 percent in May from a month earlier, marking the first rebound in five months, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK).


Price for imported raw materials jumped 14.8 percent, with crude oil price soaring 49.9 percent in the month.


Price for intermediary products such as coal and oil products added 1.8 percent last month.


The export price index gained 0.6 percent in May from a month earlier, rebounding in three months.


Price for exported agricultural, forestry and fishery products fell 0.7 percent, but price for industrial products climbed 0.7 percent.


Export price for gasoline and diesel surged 59.0 percent and 16.8 percent respectively, but those for liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and flash memory chips slipped last month.

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