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 Trade benefits Chinese, South Korean consumers  2014-07-08
 Chinese premier holds talks with visiting German chancellor  2014-07-08
 China's Xiamen University to open branch campus in Malaysia  2014-07-08
 Chinese giant pandas given local names in Malaysia  2014-07-08
 Creating a better tomorrow for relations: Premier Li  2014-07-07
 Minister of SAIC visited the Netherlands  2014-07-03
 Wang Shouwen: Bolster China-Switzerland, China-Iceland New Economic and Trade Development  2014-07-03
 Wang Yang and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin Attends the Opening Ceremony of the First China-Russia Expo and Holds a Meeting  2014-07-03
 WTO Conducted Fifth Trade Policy Review (TPR) on China  2014-07-03
 Minister Gao Hucheng Meets with Minister of Commerce and Industry of India Hita Raman  2014-07-02
 Trade Ministers of China and Iceland Announces Official Effect of Bilateral Free Trade Agreement  2014-07-02
 Deputy Director-general of Foreign Trade Development Bureau Zhu Zhongxing Attends 12th Global Summit for SMEs 2014  2014-07-02
 China will advance bilateral ties with Spain  2014-07-02
 Senior CPC official says willing to work with Portugal to lift partnership  2014-07-02
 Australia concerns over Chinese "shadow banking" property investors  2014-07-01
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