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 Vice Chairman Huang Zheng Met with Arturo Puente Ortega  2015-09-06
 Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiandong Investigates work in Zhenjiang  2015-08-25
 CCCME Successfully Holds Seminar on Chinese Investment in Developed Economies  2015-08-07
 Deputy Director-General of CIECC Yao Guanghai Leads a Delegation to “1st Canada-China Cross-Border E-Commerce International Forum”  2015-08-06
 Vice Chairman Xiao Tiejun Conducted Legal Service Research in Shandong  2015-08-03
 Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiandong visit Italy and Switzerland  2015-07-20
 Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiandong attended Sino-Belgium Urbanization Forum  2015-07-16
 2015 China Import Expo Wrapped Up in Kunshan  2015-06-18
 Vice Chairman Huang met with Mexican Guests  2015-04-22
 Our Council Invited Hong Kong and Taiwan Representatives to China Dieshiqiao Intentional Home Textiles City  2015-04-08
 Our Council Invited Czech Business Organization to visit AVIC City of Technology  2015-04-08
 Tong Daochi Inspects Supply of Agricultural, Sideline Products to Hong Kong by Interior Areas  2015-02-28
 Tong Daochi Inspects Supply of Agricultural, Sideline Products to Macao by Interior Areas  2015-02-28
 Prices of Farm Produce and Means of Production Remain Stable  2015-02-27
 2nd Round of Upgraded Negotiations, 7th China-ASEAN FTA Joint Committee Meeting Held in Beijing  2015-02-26
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