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 Chinese incomes continue surging in Q1  2014-04-17
 China's industrial production picks up in March  2014-04-17
 China's first quater GDP grows 7.4%  2014-04-17
 Symposium on the Consolidation in the Logistics Sector Held in Jiangsu DOC  2014-04-17
 A Fall in the Prices of Agro-foodstuff and Prices of Productive Materials Begin to Pick up  2014-04-15
 XCMG Road Roller Leading The North America Market  2014-04-11
 XCMG Crane Winning TOP50 Goldfinger Award for a Third Time for Its Supremacy in Quality and Applicability  2014-04-11
 XCMG’s new products are exported to Southeast Asian  2014-04-11
 JOC Attending the 24th East China Fair  2014-04-11
 GTIG Undertook the Seventh CEO Summit of Textile Industry  2014-04-11
 Chairman Kong Xinning Surveys the Middle East Market  2014-04-11
 CJI’s Implementation Level of Overseas Large Projects Raises Prominently  2014-04-11
 CJI Ranks among the Top 250 International Contractors For 2013  2014-04-11
 Wang Shouwen Addresses the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Round of Negotiations on RCEP  2014-04-01
 China Now the World's Top Trader  2014-03-05
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