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Membership Benefits

Members of Jiangsu Chamber of International Commerce (COIC Jiangsu) are leaders in their respective sectors. They represent a wide variety of industries from every corner of the province. They understand the power of belonging to Jiangsu’s most influential international business network.

  • 1.COIC Jiangsu members stay connected to International Chamber of Commerce, a network of the world’s most influential and dynamic companies of all sizes and in all sectors, building high-level business relationships at exclusive events.

  • 2.COIC Jiangsu members gain influence at the international and national level through China Chamber of International Commerce’s network of international representative offices and national sub-chambers.

  • 3.COIC Jiangsu members get access to over 100 international business networking events and exhibitions every year, making new international connections for their business.

  • 4.COIC Jiangsu members receive news of developments in policy, law, regulation and business opportunity at an early stage, winning time to make the right decisions for their business.

  • 5.COIC Jiangsu members regularly build skills and receive discounts on our publications and trainings, getting professional business consultations from prestigious professors and reputable experts.
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