The 5th China-Russia Expo Committee Meeting Successfully Held




China International Trade Representative and Vice Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying and Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gruzdev Aleksey Vladimirovich co-chaired the 5th China-Russia Expo Committee Meeting on April 26. Attending were Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government Jia Yumei and delegates from Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Sverdlovsk region.


Fu Ziying said 4 sessions of China-Russia Expo had been held so far, and this is a comprehensive expo with the largest size at the highest level between China and Russia. The 5th China-Russia Expo is to be held in Yekaterinburg on July 9-12, 2018. It’s a major activity of bilateral trade and economic cooperation, and also a great event to enrich the achievements of the Year of China-Russia Local Cooperation. He hoped that both sides would be highly attentive, cooperate closely, solidly prepare and hold a successful expo.


Gruzdev said Russia has attached great importance to the Expo and their enthusiasm for the expo is high. Russia would like to join efforts with China to ensure a successful expo.


The two sides also listened to the preparation work for the expo and approved the overall plan for the exhibition and business activities, and map out the work at the next stage.


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