Official of the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of MOFCOM Comments on the U.S. Trade Representative Office’s issuing Trade Policy Agenda 2018 and Annual Report 2017




On February 28, American time, the U.S. Trade representative Office issued Trade Policy Agenda 2018 and Annual Report 2017. The official of the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs gave a speech and held that this report insists on the policy orientation of “American priority”, disregarding the great achievements of China’s construction of market economy, disregarding the reality of China’s strictly fulfilling the commitments made when it joined the WTO, and disregarding the win-win essence of Sino-US economic and trade relationship. He also pointed out that the report blindly criticized Chinese economic mode and relevant policies. The Chinese party showed deep concerns about it.

General Secretary Xi Jinping firmly pointed out in the report of the 19th National People’s Progress that we should speed up perfecting the socialist market economy system. The door opened by China won’t be closed and it will be wider and wider. Since the 40 years of reform and opening up, the great achievements gained by China are obvious to all and can’t be denied. Particularly, after joining in WTO, China has been conscientiously fulfilling tariff concession and market openness commitment, opposing to protectionism, reinforcing property rights protection, promoting fair competition, and using the practical action to promote economic globalization process. China positively participates in the global governance system reform and construction and supports bilateral trade system, fulfilling its responsibility to maintain the international economic order. Chinese development provides the huge power fountain to the global economy. The contribution to the world economic growth in 2017 has exceeded 30%.

The Chinese party always thinks that economic and trade cooperation is not up and down competition and not a game which either you or I win. . Sino-US economic cooperation brings the practical benefit to both countries and their people. As two biggest entities in the world, it is normal to have disputes and friction between both countries. The key is to enlarge common benefit in a constructive way to control divergence, avoid politicizing the economic trade problems and using unilateralism.

As General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out, cooperation is the only correct choice of China and USA, hoping that USA and China should make efforts, reinforce communication, open the market, enlarge the cake of cooperation, properly solve the key problems of both parties and promote stable and sound development of economic trade relationship in both countries.


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