Head of MOFCOM Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau Wang Hejun Comments on the US’ Release of the National Security Investigation Report on the Imported Steel and Aluminum Products




On February 16, 2018 in Washington, the US Department of Commerce released the national security investigation report on the imported steel and aluminum products (232 Investigation), holding that the imported steel and aluminum products have seriously damaged the domestic industries and the national security of the US. The US Department of Commerce has proposed to President Trump on the situation that the import restrictions such as tariffs and quota should be implemented on the imported steel and aluminum products. The head of MOFCOM Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau Wang Hejun made a statement on this.

Wang said that China attached great importance to the US’ Investigation 232 on the imported steel and aluminum products. The research conclusions have no basis and are totally against the facts. Most of the imported steel and aluminum products are mid-low end products and during the investigation, the interests-related parties such as the EU, Canada, Russia, China, South Africa, ROK and Vietnam have proved to the US that their steel and aluminum products did not damage its national security.

Wang pointed out that the US has launched over a hundred anti-dumping and countervailing measures on most imported steel and aluminum products, providing overprotection for its domestic products. The US should not casually implement restrictive measures on the imported steel and aluminum products for the reason of “national security” any more. The scope of "national security" is very wide and lacks a unified definition. It can easily be used abusively. If other countries follow the practice of the US, it will have a serious impact on the international trade order.

Wang stressed that in recent years, the global economic recovery has been sluggish and the demand growth has been low. The steel and aluminum industries in various countries are facing difficulties. At present, the foundation of the global economic recovery is still not stable. All countries should face the situation together and work with each other to explore solutions instead of taking trade restrictions unilaterally and profit oneself at the expense of the neighbor. China urges the US to use trade protection tools with restraint and comply with multilateral trade rules so as to make positive contribution to the international economic and trade order. If the final decision of the US affects China's interests, China will definitely take necessary measures to safeguard its legitimate rights.


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