Minister Zhong Shan Visits Panama




On December 7-8, Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan paid a visit to Panama. During the visit, he held talks with Panamanian President Varela, Minister of Commerce and Industries Arosemena, Minister of Canal Affairs Roy and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Hincapie.


Zhong conveyed the cordial greetings and best wishes from President Xi Jinping to President Varela.


Zhong said that the China-Panama diplomatic relations have opened a new era in the two countries’ contact history of 160 years, and Mr. President’ successful visit to China is a milestone which opens a new chapter in China-Panama friendly cooperation. You are not only a politician with strategic vision, political courage and responsibility, but also a hero who does not fear to make final decisions.


Zhong expressed that a series of significant consensuses were reached at the first historic meeting between the two countries’ heads, drawing the blueprint and clarifying the directions for the future development of China-Panama relations. He said his main mission this time was to implement the two leaders’ consensuses and strengthen China-Panama trade and economic cooperation, and realize planning and docking to practically promote the projects guided by the Belt and Road Initiative.


Zhong stressed that the 19th CPC National Congress made a major political judgement that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. In the new era, China will continue to expand opening up and this will provide historic opportunity for China and Panama to strengthen practical cooperation in all areas. China would like to strengthen communication with Panama and promote the two countries’ trade and economic cooperation towards new progress in the new historical period to benefit both countries’ people.


Zhong pointed out that both sides should actively promote the docking between the Belt and Road Initiative and Panama’s development planning, speed up the China-Panama FTA Feasibility Study, hold the China-Panama Joint Committee as soon as possible, actively launch the cooperation on trade and economic park and tap the intellectual resources with more efforts. China encourages more Chinese enterprises to invest in Panama and participate in the construction of Panama’s infrastructure. China welcomes Panama to expand exports to China and invites Panama to attend the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai next November.


Varela said that just two weeks after his successful visit to China, China sent a high-level trade and economic delegation to visit Panama, and this fully showed China’s highly concern and active promotion of the two countries’ bilateral trade and economic cooperation. Panama would like to deepen its cooperation with China in trade, investment, infrastructure, trade and economic park and human resources, and will form a group to attend the CIIE. Panama will give play to its geographical advantage and actively participate in the Belt and Road construction to strengthen the economic relations between China and Latin America

Witnessed by President Varela, Minister Zhong Shan and Panamanian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Hincapie signed the cooperation agreement on launching Panama’s railway project feasibility study and the letters of exchange on implementing the two countries’ economic and technical cooperation agreement.

China's ambassador to Panama Wei Qiang accompanied them to attend related activities.


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