MOFCOM Announces the Preliminary Ruling on the Anti-dumping Investigation against Bisphenol A Imported from Thailand




On November 9, 2017, MOFCOM released Announcement No. 72 of 2017, announcing the preliminary ruling on the anti-dumping investigation against the Bisphenol A imported from Thailand.


MOFCOM ruled that there was dumping in the import of Bisphenol A originating in Thailand, the same domestic industry in China was substantially damaged, and there was causal relationship between the dumping and the substantive damage. MOFCOM decided to launch provisional countervailing measures in the form of cash deposits against the imported Bisphenol A originating in Thailand. According to the ruling, the import operators shall pay relevant deposits to the Customs of the People’s Republic of China when importing Bisphenol A originating in Thailand since November 9, 2017, based on the 10.1%-31.0% dumping margins which was decided in the ruling.


The product is under item 29072300 of the Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People’s Republic of China. Other products under this item will not be involved in this investigation.


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