Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with the Delegation of West Bengal of India




On the afternoon of October 27th, Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with the visiting delegation of West Bengal of India.


Vice Chairman Cong said that China and India enjoyed traditional and profound friendship. Jiangsu and India are highly complementary in industries, technologies and trade and our cooperation has bright prospects. He wished to enhance communication and push forward pragmatic collaboration.


The main aim of the delegation is to investigate Jiangsu market and help the government of West Bengal to attract business and investment. They focused on promoting Bengal Global Summit 2018. The leader of the delegation introduced the economy and infrastructure of West Bengal and hoped our province would organize government and trade delegation to attend the summit.


Vice Chairman Cong said that our council would love to promote the summit among the companies with the other authorities and encourage Jiangsu companies to invest in West Bengal. He also welcomed West Bengal companies to invest in Jiangsu. Jiangsu Province would provide them with sound business environment.


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