Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with CEO & Director General of Thunderbird School




On the morning of September 8th, Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with Allen Morrison, the Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Both sides discussed enhancing cooperation in high-end training for the companies.


Cong Sufeng noted that Thunderbird, with a long history and wide range of international cooperation, is the cradle of international professional managers. Our council attached great importance to talent training and kept sound relations with well-known colleges and universities both home and abroad. He suggested Thunderbird custom-made training plans according to the needs of Jiangsu companies and make use of the Commercial Cloud Public Service Platform and Economic and Trade Events to push forward the training plans in Jiangsu. He advised to put on a road show after the train plan was settled.


Allen Morrison said that Thunderbird had kept friendly relations with China since its establishment in 1946 and had a lot of successful training experience in China and the rest of the world. China is now the 2nd biggest economy in the world and in great needs of high-level management training. CCPIT Jiangsu is the main channel for the investment and trade promotion of Jiangsu. He hoped to understand the training needs in senior management for Jiangsu companies via our council in order to exploit Jiangsu market and contribute to Jiangsu’s economic internationalization. He also introduced the five classic modules


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