Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with China Vice President of US Air Products




On the afternoon of August 8th, Vice Chairman Cong Sufeng met with China Vice President Feng Yan of U.S. Air Products. Both sides discussed further strengthening cooperation and pushing forward the progress of the projects of Air Products in Jiangsu.


Cong Sufeng introduced the main functions and measures of our council to serve the companies. He noted that for decades our council had pushed forward the investment plans of multiple types of transnational corporation and helped with the successful realization of related projects. Air Produces could make full use of the information platforms of our council and gain the latest cooperation information and push forward business development.


Feng Yan visited Nanjing with the delegation of US China Business Council in June and attended the meeting with Li Qiang, Party Secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. She was grateful for the help and support of our council. She noted that being the biggest air products manufacturers of the world , Air Products US had dig deep in Jiangsu for more than 20 years and had support projects of air products in Nanjing, Wuxi and Kunshan. She introduceed the plans to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles and charity activities in Jiangsu. She wished to work with our council to better plan the development path of US Air Products in China and to find more cooperation opportunities.


Cong Sufeng advised on the plan of US Air Products in Jiangsu, such as developing hydrogen-powered vehicles.


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