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Investment and Cooperation Statistics about Countries along Belt and Road Initiative in 2016





Chinese enterprises made a non-financial direct investment of US$14.53 billion in 53 countries along Belt and Road Initiave in 2016, going down 2% year on year, taking up 8.5% of the total over the same period of time. The investment mainly flew to Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia.


Regarding the contracted projects overseas, the number of the contracts signed by the Chinese enterprises in 61 countries along the Belt and Road Initiative reached 8,158 in 2016, and the value of the newly-signed contracts amounted to US$126.03 billion, taking up 51.6% of China’s total contract value of the contracted projects over the same period of time, going up 36% year on year. The turnover reached US$ 75.97 billion, taking up 47.7% of the total, up 9.7% year on year.


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